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Screw the dealer - Card Game
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You start by lining up (in order and face up) one king, one queen, one jack, etc, all the way through (suit doesn't matter). Then one person is designated dealer. They get the rest of the cards; they then pull over the top card (making sure they are the only one to see it).

The first person to go then has to guess what card it is (not the suit just whether it's a king, queen, jack, etc). If they guess correctly on the first try the dealer has to drink 6 sips.

If the person guesses incorrectly they have one more chance to guess right. Before this guess the dealer has to tell them whether the card they are holding is higher or lower than the card previously thrown. If the player guesses correctly the dealer has to drink 3.

If a player guessed incorrectly then they have to drink the difference from what they guessed to the actual card (Ex. If the player guessed 4 and the card was actually a seven, the player would drink 3.

It's now the next person's turn to guess (the dealer stays the same until three people are unable to guess what the dealer has.) If a six is played it is lined up with the other six. As the game goes on it becomes increasingly hard for the dealer to pass the deck on. The person who is the dealer at the end of the game usually gets it the worst.

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