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Three Amigos - Movie Game
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Drink Every Time:

  1. Anyone shoots a gun
  2. Anyone says "El Guapo"
  3. Anyone drinks
  4. The amigo salute is given
  5. A movie title is mentioned
  6. Anyone sings or dances

Want to get wasted?

Anytime anyone says "Three Amigos".

Added about 13 years ago
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  • The best 3 Amigos drinking game goes like this: Each person is given a name of one of the 4 lead characters; Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms, Ned Neadlelander, or El Guapo. When their name is said that person drinks. But when the word Amigo(s) is said everyone drinks. It is best to omit the opening song or everyone will be gone from the start!

    • By anonymous
    • about 11 years ago
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