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This is one of those drink while you think sort of games. Not for the faint of heart or weak of tolerance. This is one of my favorite games. If you have a bunch of friends over this is one of the best drinking games to play.


One person starts the game by saying the name of a famous person. This is important, it HAS to be a famous person. The next person then has to say a name beginning with the first letter of the last name of the name just said. For example, if the first person says "Donald Trump" then the next person could say "Ty Cobb". The next person might say "Charlie Chaplain" and so on. While a person is thinking of a name, they have to be drinking and if they cannot think of a name they must finish the drink. Names cannot be said twice in one game - if they are then the person must finish the drink. However, bluff names can be made up and if no one notices the game continues. This continues around the circle until the beer runs out or everyone is unconscious.


If a name is said with the same letter for the first and last names then the direction changes. For example if someone said Steven Speilberg the direction would change from right to left. If a single word name is said then the next person is skipped. The skipped person must drink with the other person while they are thinking of a name. An example of a single word name would be Superman or Madonna. If a person says a triple word name like Tommy Lee Jones then everyone gets to drink.

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