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Landmines - Other Game
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What you need:
-Beverage of your Choice (recommended for beer bottles or cans)
-A coin of your choice (preferably a quarter or half dollar
-Cups for every player at the table
-A large table
Number of Players:
-3+ (the more the better)
Fill your cup about a quarter full with the beverage of your choice.
-Player 'flicks' the coin so it spins on the table.
-Player must drink entire contents of the cup, place the cup on the table, and grab the coin before the coin stops spinning.
-IF the player fails to pick up the coin, the coin falls off the table(after the 2 second grace-spin rule), the coin stops spinning, or someone 'landmines' you, must drink the entire content of the beverage, spin and drink again,.
-Any empty bottle or can you have is considered a landmine.
Placing your landmine on any spinning coin causes the spinner to drink again and spin again.
All landmines stay on the table until it is hit three times and then it is removed.

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  • Hard game when its played for a little bit.

    • By anonymous
    • about 13 years ago
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  • Killer Game. It gets Real, Real Fast!

    • By anonymous
    • about 13 years ago
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