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Drink Every Time:

  1. Achilles gets naked
  2. There's a one-on-one showdown
  3. Any wife or girlfriend begs her stud (or Paris) not to go into battle
  4. Anyone mentions Apollo
  5. Legolas . . . errr, Paris shoots an arrow
  6. Anyone is referred to as a great or powerful warrior
  7. Agammemnon is pissed at Achilles
  8. Odysseus smooths Achilles over

Want to get wasted? Anyone gets killed.

Added about 13 years ago
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  • Every time you finish your drink have a drink

    • By anonymous
    • about 8 years ago
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  • I tried going on hardcore mode (when you take a drink to everything, including when anyone died) and I made it to 47 minutes in before I started to want to cry, I'm now going to see how much longer I can go... I don't expect it to be much longer.

    • By anonymous
    • about 9 years ago
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