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Wayne's World 2 - Movie Game
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Drink Every Time:

  1. Anyone directly addresses the camera
  2. Licorice is shown or mentioned
  3. There is a reference to China/Hong Kong
  4. Del tells a story
  5. Anyone says "Aurora"
  6. The weird naked Indian is shown or mentioned
  7. Wayne tucks his hair behind his ears

Want to get wasted?

Anytime anyone wears a band t-shirt.

Added about 13 years ago
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  • No wanna get wasted then drink every time Wayne go's whhoooo and mind you there's a few whhoooo's from slow and sad to excited and pumped so this is drinkster saying have fun but be safe

    • By anonymous
    • about 6 years ago
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  • holy shit

    • By anonymous
    • about 11 years ago
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