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Heroes - TV Game
543 Games So Far!
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  1. Parkman using his telepathic, mind-controlling abilities (when you hear the “whisper” music).
  2. Sylar acting creepy (when you hear the clock ticking music).
  3. The whiny twins getting all black teary eyed again.
  4. Hiro using his power (the I-am-concentrating-hard face).
  5. Oh, why not: Any Hero using their power.
  6. Mr. Muggles!
  7. Hiro pushing his glasses back up.
  8. Jessica appears.
  9. Mohinder saying “evolution”, “mankind”, or “cure”.
  10. The Helix symbol.
  11. Noah Bennett saying “Claire”.
  12. Peter brushes away his hair.
  13. Nikki/Jessica looks into a mirror.
  14. Mr. Muggles is in Mrs. Bennetts arms.
  15. Hiro fixes his glasses.
  16. the eclipes pops up.
  17. Peter takes on someone elses power.
  18. Nathan takes a steps towards the dark side.
  19. Parkman makes an appearence.
  20. anyone (Has relations).
  21. Claire is in her cheerleader outfit.
  22. Hiro kisses a girl.
  23. Nikki's son is left with the neighbor, drink two drinks.
  24. Claire says she wants to be normal, drink three.
  25. Mohinder says he should go home (meaning India), drink one.
  26. Every comic reference from Hiro, drink one.
  27. Take a sip every time Hiro smiles.
  28. Drink a six-pack if Peter ever smiles.
  29. Chug for every person Sylar kills.
  30. Do a keg stand if Claire actually performs a cheer.
  31. Guys, finish your drink every time you imagine young Hayden Panettiere nude.
  32. Take a sip for every power Sylar gains.
  33. Read the ingridients on your beer can every time Matt Parkman reads someone???s thoughts.
  34. Transfer back and forth from beer to wine every time Niki transfers back and forth from herself to Jessica (and vice versa) in a single scene.
  35. Chug whenever Mr. Bennet removes his glasses.
  36. Each time you feel dumber than little Micah, take a shot. (This could get dangerous; limit yourself to four shots/episode.)
  37. Claude Rains goes invisible again? Finish your beer.
  38. When Hiro time travels, take the same number of sips as years he goes backward or forward.

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