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Drunk Driver - Card Game
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  1. Decide who will be the 'dealer' and who will be the 'driver'. The dealer deals 6 cards (more for a greater challenge, less for an easy road) face down in a line adjacent to each other.

  2. The driver turns over a card, and does the following:

a) card is a non-face card - nothing happens and the driver moves onto the next card.

b) card is a face card or ace, the driver is dealt additional cards to the line, based on which card he turns over: Jack = +1 card Queen = +2 cards King = +3 cards Ace = +4 cards.

The driver must also drink one shot/sip of a designated beverage for each additional card dealt.

The game continues until the driver has successfully made it off the road (gone through all cards dealt). If the dealer runs out of cards, simply reshuffle the cards already played.

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