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Description For those of you who are tired of Beer Pong or don't have enough skill to get the ball IN the cup, we offer this game. Now, you just have to hit the cup for it to count.

Equipment 4 cans or cups of beer 1 ping-pong ball

Setup Place the beers on all 4 corners of the table or beer pong surface. Whichever team goes first starts with the ball.


The first player attempts to strike on of the opponents' beers with the ball. If he misses, the other team gets the ball. If he hits it, his teammate drinks until the opposing team retrieves the ball and places it between their beers. At this point, it is the other teams turn. Whichever team finishes their beer first wins. If you are playing with cups, an additional rule applies. Should a player make it in an opponent's cup, the opponent must finish the beer and replace it with a full cup. Note the trade off between hitting the cup hard and forcing a lengthy retrieval and trying to make the cup which generally allows a quick retrieval.

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