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Forest Gump - Movie Game
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Chug your beer: Every time something completely ludicrous is happening on screen.

Try to stay upright: Through the part where Jenny, the hot blond stripper, decides to fuck a retarded guy she hung out with in elementary school.

After an hour straight of chugging, experience the terror: Of watching Forrest Gump from a cognitive vantage point that is as impaired as Forrest'.

Realize quickly: That as a retarded person you now find the film offensive because despite all of the awards it won, Forrest Gump is really just one long retard joke.

Added about 13 years ago
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  • Realize quickly, author of this post, that this bullshit you decided to post is INSANELY offensive and you should win an award for being an astounding asshole.

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    • about 7 years ago
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