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Summary- Two teams race to consume their drinks the fastest.


· One plastic 16 oz. cup per player

· Large table everyone can stand at

· Beer or mixed drink of choice

Set up-

Players are divided into two even numbered teams and stand on opposite sides of a table. The 1st racers are at the front of the table facing each other, 2nd racers next to them, 3rd racers next them etc. and the last players are known as the “anchors”.

Game Play-

Once everyone is seated with their drink the judge will start the race with “Drinkers ready! 3-2-1 Drink!” When the race has begun, the first racer on each team begins to drink his or her beer. When the first racer has completely finished his or her beer the cup is placed right-side up at the edge of the table, and the person who drank it tries to flip it upside down onto the table using one hand (meaning the lip of the cup would be on the table). If he or she is not successful on the first try, the cup must be reset and re-flipped. If two hands are used the flip is not counted and the cup must be reset right side up. Only after the first teammate has successfully flipped their cup upside down, can the next person proceed. Whichever team finishes drinking and flipping all its cups first is the winner. If the last two players’ cups hit the table at the same time the first cup that comes to rest is the winner.

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