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The Obam-guaration - Movie Game
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If there's anything this election cycle has taught us, it's that young people can, and do, get involved in politics. Here's how!

During that most momentous of speeches...

Drink once for each:

  • time the word "change" is mentioned

  • time the word "hope" is mentioned

  • time the word "audacity" is mentioned

  • forced smile from a former candidate (primaries count - x2 for Fred Thompson!)

  • FDR, Lincoln, or JFK reference. "Camelot" counts. So does "camel."

  • celebrity-in-audience sighting. Double up if his/her seat is bad.

  • cut-away to some regular person crying. Half-sip if s/he's misting up

  • "dependence on foreign oil."

  • mention of growing up without a place to call his own. The word "mutt," even in reference to the to-be-presidential pooch, counts.

  • of the three I's: Iraq, Iran, Israel

  • mention of how we're all going to have to pitch in and work hard and blah blah already not listening.

  • use of the phrase "the last 8 years."

  • coy wink at Barney Frank by any male in the room.


  • you spot Alec Baldwin, pour a scotch. "Sip" heavily.

  • Michelle's dress is demure: drink 1 a skirt suit: drink 2 a strapless number: make out with your neighbor

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