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GATTACA drinking game - Movie Game
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in this context, shot refers to hard alcohol + sip refers to the same amount but of beer or wine (your choice)

-take a shot every time there's obvious symbolism (ex. spiral staircase) -take a sip every time someone says "in-valid" -take a shot every time Vincent has a flashback -take a sip every time Jerome says something depressing -take a shot every time Vincent goes through his "morning routine" -take a shot every time Vincent almost gets caught -take a sip every time things get sappy between Vincent and his brother Anton -take a shot every time there's sexual tension between Vincent and Irene -take a shot every time you hear or see a rocket launch -take a sip every time Vincent says something profound or inspirational -take a shot every time something overly dramatic happens -take a sip every time you see the stars, someone looking at the stars or someone talking about space

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