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This is a very fun drinking game! It’s called Suits and it is best with 4 or more people (you can play with less but it’s not as fun).

What you will need is 2+ players, each with their own mixed drink (mixed, potent drinks are preferred as well as the same type of drink: we used Wrey & Nephews Jamaican Rum and orange juice), a deck of cards with no jokers, and maybe a timer!

Values of the cards are as followed: Ace= 15 seconds K, Q and J= 10 seconds 10-2= same as face value

Designate a dealer and the dealer will call out a suit (Spades, Hearts, Diamonds or Clubs). The dealer will start dealing cards face-up to everyone until someone gets that suit. Whoever gets the suit mentioned has to drink from their glass the number of seconds that their card represents. Before they put their glass down, they have to call out a suit. If not, they drink more of the number of seconds they drunk before (ie. I get a 10 of clubs and drink for 10 seconds but I forget to call out a suit before putting my glass down; I have to drink 10 more seconds from my glass).

Game play continues until… well, until no one else is able to play!

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