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Nails - Coordination Game
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The Rules of Nails

Nails is a fun game that’ll keep you on your toes and let you show off those mad tossing-and-flipping-stuff skills. Just don’t catch a hammer with your face.

Required players: 2 or more


Each person gathers around a stump and is given a single nail, and sufficient beverage. They then drive that nail into the stump just enough so that it will stand up.


The idea of this game is to drive down other people’s nails and have yours be the last one remaining above the surface of the stump.

The Turn:

Each player takes turns swinging the hammer at other people’s nails. For each hit to a nail, that nail’s owner has to take a drink. If the person swinging misses all their swings, they take drinks equal to the number of times they missed. The swing must be a full swing, i.e. At the start of the swing, the head of the hammer is at least as far back as your head. No hovering the hammer over the nail and aiming. The number of swings you get to take each turn is determined by flipping a hammer in the air and catching it.

Determining number of swings earned for a toss:

Two factors are important in this toss: The number of flips, and the manner in which the hammer is tossed. The number of flips will be your base number. The manner of toss acts as a multiplier. The typical types of tosses and their multiplying bonuses are:

Simple Toss (straight up): No bonus Toss From Under the Leg: Double Toss From Behind the Back: Triple

You get the idea. If you fail to catch the hammer, pass it on and take a drink. Experiment with different ways to throw the hammer and come up with your own styles.

Word of caution: Helmets are for little league teams (but beer hats are allowed). Just keep your eye on the hammer.

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