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Take a drink every time...

Someone talks to an "imaginary friend"...

  • Gaius Baltar, in almost every episode with the virtual Number Six, and lately with his virtual doppelgänger.
  • Caprica-Six, with her virtual Gaius Baltar ("Downloaded", "Taking a Break From All Your Worries")
  • Lee Adama, with his lost fiancee, Gianne (Black Market)
  • Laura Roslin to Leoben Conoy and snakes ("Flesh and Bone","The Hand of God")
  • Number Three to the Final Five (Hero, Rapture)
  • William Adama to his late wife, Carolanne Adama (A Day in the Life)
  • Dodona Selloi to the The Lords of Kobol and God (Exodus, Part I)
  • Kara Thrace to her mother and Leoben Conoy (Maelstrom)

...Colonel Saul Tigh... "Consumption of [certain] beverages...may cause health problems." "Consumption of [certain] beverages...may cause health problems."

  • ...drinks alcohol (Miniseries, "Fragged", "Pegasus", etc.).
  • ...resolves to quit drinking.
  • ...is drunk on duty ("Bastille Day", "Fragged").
  • ...questions Adama's orders.
  • ...complains about not wanting his own command (Scattered).
  • ...berates someone else for a flaw he has as well (Miniseries).
  • ...states or asks the obvious for purposes of exposition (Resurrection Ship, Part I).
  • ...orders someone report "to the brig" (Miniseries, others).
  • ...asks about shooting people for throwing coffee (Resistance)
  • ...gives a remarkably stupid order to the crew.
  • Take a bonus drink if...
  • ...a loss of life is involved ("Resistance", "Exodus, Part II"). *...a beloved character needlessly suffers for it (Resistance). *...Lee Adama is involved with the order (Fragged). *...the Fleet tells him, collectively, to frak off (Fragged). *...Commander Adama has to repair Tigh's frak-ups. *...Tigh undermines his own reputation as a result (Miniseries, "Fragged", "Resistance").

...Ellen Tigh...

*...makes sexual advances on someone other than Colonel Tigh ("Colonial Day", "Sacrifice", "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down"). *...brokers for power (Colonial Day). * ...manipulates Colonel Tigh (Resistance). * ...fraks someone other than Colonel Tigh ("Occupation")

...Kara Thrace...

  • ...demonstrates yet another talent. *Card Shark: "And the girl wins again! Another round?" (Water)
  • Sniper: "With all due respect, sir, I am the best shot in or out of the cockpit." (Bastille Day)
  • Painter: "You paint these, Kara? / Yeah." (Valley of Darkness)
  • Pro-level Pyramid Player: "I was scouted for the pros. Bum knee took me out of contention." (Resistance)
  • Poetry Buff: "You wouldn't know Caprican Poetry if it was hot-sidded across your helmet." / "'From the darkness you must fall - Failed and weak, to darkness all.' -Kataris, not one of his better works" (Final Cut)
  • Clairvoyant: "WE'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!" ("He That Believeth in Me", "Six of One")
  • ...steps out of the box to...
  • ...mate two Vipers nose-to-nose in combat (Miniseries).
  • ...jury-rig an enemy fighter (You Can't Go Home Again).
  • ...uses an improvised weapon to kill or maim a Cylon ("Flesh and Bone", "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II", "The Farm", "Occupation").
  • ...outwit the Cylons via a clever plan of attack ("The Hand of God", "Resurrection Ship, Part I").
  • Take a bonus drink if this is because she knows the Cylons would never overlook such an obvious blind spot ("The Hand of God", "Pegasus").
    • ...drinks as heavily as Col. Tigh ("Scar", "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II").
    • ...assaults someone who outranks her (Miniseries, "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I").
    • ...is mistaken for a Cylon and nearly killed because of it ("You Can't Go Home Again", "Resistance", "Home, Part I", "Resurrection Ship, Part I", "Crossroads, Part II", "Six of One", "Guess What's Coming to Dinner?")
    • ...hops into bed on a barely-considered whim... o ...with Gaius Baltar (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I) o ...with Samuel Anders ("The Farm", "The Ties That Bind") o ...with Lee Adama (Scar) o ...with "Leoben Conoy" (in her mind) (Maelstrom)
    • ...starts to unduly fawn over someone mere days after meeting them. o Samuel Anders (Resistance) o Admiral Cain ("Resurrection Ship, Part I", "Part II")
    • ...taunts someone (Just pick a frakking episode!)

...Lee Adama...

  • ...uses one of his dad's phrases ("Be careful out there", "roll the hard six")
  • ...completely oversteps his authority and/or commits mutiny
  • ...acts self-righteous or angsty towards his dad (Miniseries, "Bastille Day", "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II", "Resurrection Ship, Part II")
  • ...has a near-death experience.
  • Almost killed by Cylon Raiders (Miniseries, "Resurrection Ship, Part II").
  • Almost left for dead (Miniseries, "Resurrection Ship, Part II", "The Eye of Jupiter/Rapture").
  • Almost killed by a criminal mob or elements thereof ("Bastille Day", "Home, Part II", "Sacrifice", "Black Market").
  • Almost killed by Kara Thrace (Sacrifice).
  • Almost killed by Cylon Centurions ("Valley of Darkness", "Home, Part I").
  • Almost killed by his own lawyer (Sine Qua Non).
  • ...shows angst about anything...anything at all.

...Kara Thrace and Lee Adama...

  • ...stare at each other strangely for non-work-related reasons.
  • ...play "Viper tag" ("You Can't Go Home Again", "Flight of the Pheonix", "Crossroads, Part II").
  • ...exchange blows.
  • ...kiss.
  • Take a bonus drink if they both kiss and exchange blows.
  • ...frak (Unfinished Business)

...Bill Adama...

  • ...uses his Glare of Death.
  • Bonus drink if Cottle deflects it with his own Scowl of Intense Disapproval (The Captain's Hand).
  • ...stomps down Galactica's hallways.
  • ...waxes philosophically.
  • ...brings up his lawyer father.
  • ...says either "as of this moment" or "moments ago" (Miniseries, "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II", "Epiphanies")
  • ...expresses sympathy for the Cylons.
  • ...expresses an enthusiastic attitude toward killing Cylons.
  • Take a bonus drink if it is by trying kill a Cylon himself
  • Finish the drink completely if he tries to kill the same Cylon he expressed sympathy for in a previous episode.

    • ...agrees with, argues with, deposes, or kisses President Roslin.
    • ...appears on screen sporting a moustache. o Take a bonus drink when you see him finally shave that frakking thing off!
    • ...does something "captainly", like crushing walnuts in his hand or building a model ship.
    • ...uses military action to resolve a situation.
    • ...makes a reckless or stupid command decision. o Counterattacking the Cylons (Miniseries) o Wasting half the fleet's fuel looking for Starbuck (You Can't Go Home Again) o Arresting President Roslin (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II) o Sending Marines to rescue Helo and the Chief from Pegasus (Pegasus) o Arranging for the assassination of Admiral Cain (Resurrection Ship, Part I) o Jumping Galactica into the atmosphere of New Caprica (Exodus, Part II) o Bonus drinks if a woman tries to reason with Adama.

      • Roslin tells Adama, "The war is over, we lost", and "We need to start having babies" (Miniseries)
      • Dualla tells Adama, "It's time to put the fleet back together" (Home, Part I)
      • Roslin tells Adama, "She is dangerous, and the only thing that you can do is hit her before she hits you," (Resurrection Ship, Part I)
      • Sharon tells Adama, "You said you never asked yourself why you deserve to survive." (Resurrection Ship, Part II)

        • Finish your drink completely when, not if, Adama ultimately relents, echoing that woman's words to his officer(s).
    • ...Rolls a "Hard Six"

    • ...tells people to do their job. o Bonus drinks if he's told the frak off, perhaps in not so many words.
    • ...breaks the model ship, or allows it to get in the position to be broken ("Maelstrom", "Sine Qua Non").

...Helo ...

  • ...fails to notice his robot girlfriend's glowing spine. (Six Degrees of Separation)
  • ...fails to realize his inexplicably nauseous robot girlfriend is pregnant (The Hand of God).
  • ...shoots his pregnant robot girlfriend (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I).
  • ...lets his pregnant robot girlfriend jack Starbuck's spaceship (Scattered).
  • ...is surprised that everyone wants to shoot or throw his pregnant robot girlfriend out an airlock (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I, Home, Part I).
  • ...fails to anticipate territory issues with his pregnant robot girlfriend's copy's former boyfriend (Home, Part II).
  • ...defends himself by starting with, "What..."
  • ...saves a Cylon from death or torture o Take a bonus drink if it's the entire Cylon race. (A Measure of Salvation)
  • ...is seen in a gym, helping others get in shape
  • ...is passive-aggressively accosted by Colonel Tigh
  • ...is directly accosted by Colonel Tigh
  • ...is inexplicably promoted to positions far above his skill level
  • ...commits a treasonous act, only to be forgiven later
    • ...tries to keep up morale when everyone else is bickering

...Chief Tyrol...

  • ...fails to notice his robot girlfriend's glowing spine. (off-screen)
  • ...fails to notice his own robotic glowing spine. (off-screen)
  • ...makes out with a lieutenant against regulations (Litmus).
  • ...lies about making out with his robot girlfriend (Litmus).
  • ...lies when he says he never loved his robot girlfriend.
  • ...tells the truth about really loving his robot girlfriend (Escape Velocity).
  • ...tells the truth when he says he's not having an affair with his robot "partner" (The Ties That Bind).
  • ...chews out a member of his crew who dare to show concern about his feelings about his robot girlfriend or his dead wife - or anything else, for that matter (Miniseries, Flight of the Phoenix, Escape Velocity).
  • ...hits Cally after waking from a suicidal nightmare (Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I).
  • ...is hit by Cally during her own suicidal episode (The Ties That Bind).
  • ...is proven to be an expert distiller ("Litmus", "Flight of the Phoenix", "Pegasus").
  • ...glares at or curses Colonel Tigh. o ...or anyone else for that matter ("If I scratched everyone who popped off at the chief the cooks could be flying the planes" - Lee Adama, "Final Cut")
  • ...stumbles around in a religious trance instead of harvesting the algae so people can eat! (The Eye of Jupiter)

...Dr. Cottle disrespects authority...

  • ...disregards President Roslin's office (Act of Contrition)
  • ...undermines Adama's authority ("Pegasus", "The Captain's Hand")
  • ...rebuffs a question from Col. Tigh with profanity (Fragged)
  • ...ridicules Col. Tigh's command decisions (Resistance)
  • ...debates the notion of "do no harm" with Number Three (Precipice)

...Zarek makes a gambit for power...

  • ...but loses.
  • Colonial Day
  • Home, Part I
  • Home, Part II
    • ...and succeeds.
  • Bastille Day
  • Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II o Collaborators o The Ties That Bind

...a copy of Number Six... ...is introduced as a separate entity...

  • Armistice Envoy Six (Miniseries)
  • Caprica Six (Miniseries)
  • Head Six (Miniseries)
  • Shelly Godfrey (Six Degrees of Separation)
  • White Jacket Six (33)
  • Overseer Six (Bastille Day)
  • Gina Inviere (Pegasus)
  • Infected Six (Torn)
  • Natalie (Six of One)


  • Nuked (Miniseries, "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II")
  • Take another drink if the nuke scene is repeated again in flashback ("33", "Downloaded", "Taking a Break from All Your Worries", every single episode in the opening credits....)
  • Shot ("33", "Precipice", "Razor", "Faith") o Take a bonus drink if she is shot by a fellow Cylon.
  • Impaled (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II)
  • Extinguished (The Farm)
  • Bombed (Occupation)
  • Choked (Torn)
  • Infected (Torn)
  • Suffocated (A Measure of Salvation)

...becomes violent or threatens violence...

  • Breaks a baby's neck (Miniseries as Caprica-Six)
  • Screams in Baltar's face (Bastille Day as Baltar's internal Six)
  • Beats the crap out of Caprica-Valerii (Litmus as an overseer)
  • Threatens live-donor open heart surgery on Baltar ("As far as I'm concerned, you can have any woman you want. But always remember, I have your heart [...] I can always rip it out of your chest if I have to.") (Colonial Day as Baltar's internal Six)
  • Chokes Baltar (Litmus as Baltar's internal Six)
  • Smashes Baltar's face into a mirror (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I as Baltar's internal Six)
  • Beats up Starbuck (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II)
  • Kills Admiral Cain's marines ("Razor", as Gina)
  • Tackles Baltar (Resurrection Ship, Part I as Gina)
  • Breaks a guard's neck (Resurrection Ship, Part II as Gina)
  • Shoots Admiral Cain (Resurrection Ship, Part II as Gina)
  • Chokes Baltar with his tie (Epiphanies)
  • Shoves Baltar and bites his lip (Epiphanies as Gina)
  • Cuts her own face ("Downloaded" as Caprica-Six)
  • Bashes Number Three's head in with a rock ("Downloaded" as Caprica-Six)
  • Breaks Boomer's neck (Rapture).
  • Punches Colonel Tigh (Crossroads, Part I as Caprica-Six)
  • Has Centurions kill a group of fellow humanoid Cylons (Six of One)
  • Murders Jean Barolay (Faith)

Kablooey! Kablooey!

Take two bonus drinks if she goes nuclear.

  • Suicide-bombs Cloud Nine ("Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II" as Gina)

...Baltar's internal Six appears at an inopportune moment...

Take a bonus drink if...

  • ...Baltar tries to subtly talk to both Six and real people at the same time (e.g. Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I: "I'm not your plaything!").
  • Take another drink if both Six and the "real" person or people Baltar is talking to respond the same way (e.g. "Plaything?").
  • ...Six tries to engage Baltar in either sex or foreplay.
  • Finish your drink if Six does engage Baltar in sex or foreplay
  • ...Baltar makes awkward attempts at excusing his odd behavior.
  • ...others comment on Baltar's sanity or lack thereof.
  • ...Six appears while he's in the bathroom.
  • ...Six appears after he's had sex with another woman.
  • ...Six appears naked.
  • ...Another character makes reference to Baltar's odd behavior while Six is present (e.g Home, Part II: "Would you stop going crazy in there!").

...someone kills a baby or threatens to do so.

  • Caprica-Six (Miniseries)
  • Commander Adama, in Gaius Baltar's dream on Kobol (Scattered)
  • Laura Roslin ("Downloaded", "Epiphanies")
  • Kara Thrace (Occupation)
  • Boomer (Rapture)
  • Cally (The Ties That Bind)

...anyone smokes (literally or figuratively)... Smokin', smokin', I feel alright, mamma, I'm not jokin, yeah. Smokin', smokin', I feel alright, mamma, I'm not jokin, yeah.

  • Gaius Baltar
  • Dr. Cottle
  • Kara Thrace
  • Specialist Prosna
  • Lee Adama
  • Socinus (Scattered)
  • Laura Roslin (Unfinished Business)
  • Bill Adama (Unfinished Business)
  • Saul Tigh
  • Sam Anders

...any male character sticks it in a toaster...

  • Helo (Six Degrees of Separation)
  • Gaius Baltar (Miniseries, "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II", "Hero", "Six of One")
  • Galen Tyrol (Miniseries, "Litmus")
  • Alastair Thorne (Pegasus)

...People get away with breaking the rules...

  • Tyrol gets away with his hidden affair with Boomer, even when it leads to a security flaw that allows a Cylon suicide bomber to attack the ship (Litmus)
  • Starbuck gets away with stealing and ultimately losing Galactica's captured Cylon Raider. (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I)
  • Boomer gets away with trying to kill herself and ends up on a vitally important mission (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II)
  • Baltar gets away with murdering Crashdown (Fragged)
  • Apollo gets away with pulling a gun on Tigh (Scattered) and helping Roslin escape (Home, Part II)
  • Helo gets away with pulling a gun on Apollo (Home, Part I)
  • President Roslin ultimately gets away with subverting the boundary between military and civilian government (Home, Part II).
  • Commander Adama ultimately gets away with subverting the boundary between military and civilian government (Litmus, Home, Part II).
  • Kat gets away with getting high on drugs during flight (reinstated in "Pegasus")
  • Starbuck gets away with (and gets promoted for) stealing the Blackbird to fly a photo recon mission that her CAG specifically took her off of (Resurrection Ship, Part I)
  • Lee Adama gets away with law enforcement by summary execution (Black Market)
  • Lee gets away with making repeated visits to a prostitute (Black Market)
  • Kat gets away with punching Starbuck in the mouth (Scar)
  • Lee gets away with an affair with Dee, a fellow active duty soldier (The Captain's Hand)
  • Tyrol gets away with beating the crap out of someone with nothing more than a stern talking from a priest (Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I)
  • The Circle gets away with summarily executing 14 people (Collaborators)
  • Helo is not investigated after he asphyxiates the military assets, infected Cylons, that were going to be used to eliminate the Cylons as a threat to humanity (A Measure of Salvation)
  • Take a bonus drink if he confesses it and still isn't punished.
  • Gaeta merely gets punched for trying to kill Baltar with a fountain pen (Taking a Break From All Your Worries).
  • Starbuck is given a ship and crew of her own after threatening President Roslin with a firearm (Six of One).


  • ...a prayer or speech includes or ends with "So Say We All!"

If "So Say We All!" is said once, then repeated by a group, only one drink is required for that pair of utterances.

  • ...God, one of the Gods, or a specific God is referenced. (i.e. "Great Mother of Artemis!" or "Procreation is one of God's commandments.")
  • ...Roslin uses her Stare of You-Gotta-Be-Frakking-Kidding-Me.
  • ...Billy and Dee stare at each other like two teenagers but never actually do anything.
  • ...Gaeta says, "Yes, sir." or "Aye, sir." (On this one, alone, most of us would need a "commercial break" after one episode...)
  • ...Apollo's modesty is thwarted by the smallest towel in the fleet.
  • ...Jammer says something that hints that he may be a Cylon.
  • ...Roslin comes up with some vague mystical interpretation of the Fleet's travails.
  • ...Elosha comes up with some vague mystical interpretation of Roslin's travails.
  • ...Six comes up with some vague mystical interpretation of Baltar's travails.
  • ...Leoben comes up with some vague mystical interpretation of Starbuck's travails.
  • ...A Cylon says "By your command".
  • ...Someone gets promoted (Just pick an episode.)
  • Take two drinks if someone is promoted twice in one episode (Major Lee Adama to Commander Lee Adama in "The Captain's Hand").
  • ...CIC bursts into applause. (Miniseries, "Water", "You Can't Go Home Again", "Hand of God", "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II", "The Farm", "Home, Part I", "Resurrection Ship, Part II", "The Passage")
  • Bonus drink if the applause precedes an assassination attempt ("Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II", "Resurrection Ship, Part II")
  • ...Someone is thrown out the airlock, or nearly thrown out the airlock
  • Specialist Prosna (Miniseries)
  • Gaius Baltar ("Bastille Day", "Taking a Break From All Your Worries")
  • Shelly Godfrey (Speculated, Six Degrees of Separation
  • Leoben Conoy (Flesh and Bone)
  • Galen Tyrol ("Resistance", "A Day in the Life")
  • Sharon Agathon (Home, Part I)
  • Hera Agathon (Downloaded)
  • Number One / Brother Cavil (Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II)
  • Jammer (Collaborators)
  • Felix Gaeta (Collaborators)
  • Cally Tyrol ("A Day in the Life", "The Ties That Bind")
  • ...A never-before-seen guest star turns out to be a Cylon
  • Simon (The Farm)
  • Number Three / D'anna Biers (Final Cut)
  • Cavil (Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I, Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II)
  • ...a Cylon refers to not seeing someone at a Cylon meeting or party (Baltar's Internal Six in the Miniseries, Cavil in "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I")
  • ...Every time the Space Park appears in a background shot of the Fleet.

Everyone must stand and yell "Space Park!" after drinking.

If the Space Park and Grace Park appear in the same episode, everyone must go to a park once the show is over.

  • ...a season ends with a Cylon attack ("Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II", "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II", "Crossroads, Part II").

Production And they land the same way EVERY TIME! That's skill, I tell ya. And they land the same way EVERY TIME! That's skill, I tell ya.

  • ...Michael Rymer's camera makes a full 360° revolution.
  • In this case, everyone in the room must spin around until the scene is over.
  • ...Michael Rymer cross-cuts between two nearly identical scenes. ("Pegasus", "Resurrection Ship, Part I")
  • In this case, link arms with someone else and take a shot together.
  • ...the producers re-use stock special effects footage.
  • ...when you spot the "USS Enterprise" lurking in the Fleet.
  • ...an establishing shot of Galactica from the side, surrounded by the Fleet.
  • ...an establishing shot of Galactica from the top.
  • ...an establishing shot of Pegasus from the side.
  • ...the civilian fleet jump from the Miniseries.
  • ...the Viper Launch sequence.
  • ...the Viper Combat Landing sequence. (numerous episodes)
  • ...Take another drink if the the stock footage leads to logic gaps.


  • ...Bear McCreary re-uses musical themes.
  • The Number Six/Cylon leitmotif ("ding..ding-ding..ding, ding...ding-ding...ding...")
  • "Bloodshed" (the Adama death theme from "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II") in "The Farm", "Pegasus", "Resurrection Ship, Part II" and "Exodus, Part II"
  • "Prelude to War" in the "Resurrection Ship, Part II" battle sequence
  • The "Destiny/Baltar's Dream" leitmotif
  • Starbuck's theme ("Starbuck on the Red Moon")
  • ...Bear McCreary finds some excuse to use the Stu Phillips theme from the original series ("Colonial anthem").
  • Miniseries (twice)
  • Final Cut
  • ...Bear McCreary re-uses music from Richard Gibbs' Miniseries soundtrack.
  • ...Bear McCreary throws in some new musical influences out of nowhere.
  • Hindu prayer - UK/Season Two opening
  • Celtic folk song - "Wander My Friends" / "A Good Lighter" / "Reuniting the Fleet" / "Admiral and Commander"
  • Italian pseudo-opera - "Battlestar Operatica"
  • Elevator music - "Battlestar Muzaktica"
  • Heavy metal - "Standing in the Mud" / "Black Market"
  • Orchestral piece - "The Shape of Things to Come" / "Passacaglia" / "Allegro" / "A Promise to Return" / "Violence and Variations"
  • Electric Violin / Thundering Bass - "Destiny" / "Baltar's Dream" / "The Dance" / "Mandala in the Clouds"
  • Classical Violin - "Roslin and Adama" / "Roslin Confesses" / "Someone to Trust"
  • Piano - "Metamorphosis Five" / "One Year Later" / "Battlestar Sonatica"
  • Guitar solo - "Pegasus" / "Something Dark is Coming"
  • Sitar - "A Distant Sadness" / "Mandala in the Clouds" / "Heeding the Call" / "All Along The Watchtower"
  • Bob Dylan - "All Along The Watchtower"
  • Finish your drink and go get high with four of your closest friends.

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