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All this game requires is a pair of dice, some alcohol, and some friends. This is a pretty fun game which has much potential for drunken debauchery. Just pray that you aren't the three man for too long.

Rules: Everyone starts off by rolling one die till someone rolls a three. This person then becomes the three man. The game then proceeds around the circle with people taking turns rolling the dice. The dice are only passed when someone rolls something that does not require drinking. Here is what each roll means:

When dice total:

  • Three Whoever is the three man must drink. If the three man rolls this then he may pass the title to a person of his choosing.
  • Seven Person to the right of "roller" drinks
  • Nine Person across from "roller" drinks
  • Ten Social...everyone drinks
  • Eleven Person to the left of "roller" drinks

Other dice combinations:

  1. Four & One Whoever rolls this become the Thumb-Master. They can place their thumb on the table whenever they want. The last person to do this must drink. The Thumb-Master can only change when someone else rolls a Four & One.
  2. Doubles When someone rolls double they give the dice to someone of their choosing. This person rolls the dice and must drink for that many seconds. The dice may be given to two people instead of giving both to just one person.

At any time during the game the three man can be told to drink. However the person currently rolling may not tell the three man to drink. If he does he must drink.

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