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Finger-Shot - Coordination Game
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Pour a generous shot in a heavy glass (preferably a mug). Get your friends to gather around it and place 1 finger each on the edge of the mug. take turns by shouting a number (between 0 and the number of people playing) and as the number is shouted, everyone should immediately either keep that one finger or remove it. Example: if 5 people are playing, you shout 3, and 2 people removed their fingers, you got it right. Those who get it right get to take their fingers off, and the rest continue by placing all fingers back on. Last person gets to drink that shot. With some experience, the group can actually target people who you want to drink more and make them lose.

Later, when everyone is pretty drunk, you can suggest that the first person to win gets to dare the last person to do anything, adding to the fun of the party.

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