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Bonk - Dice Game
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Materials: Five dice, pen and paper, cups, beer, and at least two players.

Object: Score 10,000 points using the dice.

Scoring Dice: Ones are 100, fives are 50, three of a kind (in one drop of the dice) is that many hundred (three threes are three hundred, three fours four hundred ext.), except with one (three ones are a thousand). Straights (one through five or two through six in one drop of the dice) are worth 1,500.

Keeping score: Determine the order you will roll in. For each turn you start by rolling five dice and trying to build a score. For each drop of the dice you must leave down at least one die (you may leave down more if you have more than one scoring dice you want to keep). For each subsequent roll in the turn you are trying to build on the score of the dice you have left on the table. For each subsequent roll at least one other die must be left down (so each roll will leave you with less and less die, if you reach a point with four scoring dice on the table and want to continue you will be left with one die to roll, if it is a scoring die you can pick up all five and continue if it is not you bonk). Your turn ends either when you freeze at a number or if you roll the dice with no scoring dice on that roll. If you roll dice and do not get any more scoring dice you lose all points left on the table for that turn and you have bonked. If at any time in your turn all five dice are live (contributing to the score, this means straights since all five dice must make up the straight, three of a kind with two other scoring dice, or any combination of the scoring dice explained above) you must pick up all five dice and continue to roll. If you do not roll further scoring dice the turn is a bonk and you lose the previous score, you must freeze when at least one of the dice on the table is not a scoring die (Hint: use strategy sometimes it is good to pick up a five and sacrifice the 50 points to increase your odds of not bonking on the next role, just make sure you leave at least one die down per roll or it will be ruled a stupid). Record all scores for each turn on the score sheet and keep a running total until somebody reaches 10,000. You may freeze as low or high as you’d like except on the first role. Everybody’s first role must be at least 300 to qualify for their first freeze of the game.

Drinking: Any time a player crosses a multiple of a thousand (1000, 2000, ext) they are poured a drink in a glass. The amount is pre-determined but they are not able to roll again until the drink in the glass is gone. A player must complete their tenth drink to officially be declared the winner.

Violations: Violations result in one loss of a turn. Consecutive violations between or on turns can accumulate to a loss or future turns.

Milky – Player does not finish drink before their next turn.

Sloppy – Dice fall off the table or dice are not picked up properly. The proper way to pick up the dice are one at a time without sliding them at all. Dice may never slide on the table while in a players hands.

Sticky – One or more dice gets stuck in a players hands while rolling and hits the table significantly later then the other dice.

Stupid – Going out of turn, freezing at the wrong number, trying to freeze with all live dice on the table, or breaking any other rule.

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