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Ring of Death - Card Game
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The name alone should inspire great caution. Gather friends, mass hordes of beer, two decks of cards and get ready for some serious consumption.

Everyone is in a circle. The first person draws a card. The next person draws a card. If the card is related to the first card drawn (related meaning it is the same value or if it is the same suit) then both players must drink the number of sips as on their card. (jack=11 drinks, queen=12, etc.). If they have both have the exact same card then they have to drink double the face value. Ok, if that doesn’t sound bad enough, it gets worse. The next person in the circle is the one who gets to count the sips the first two are drinking, as fast or slow as he/she wants. But, and this is a big but, if one of the drinkers finishes their beer before the counting is done, then the person counting has to finish his beer. (It is best to play this game with cans of beer or cups so you can bluff as to how much beer you have left). Ok, now, the third person draws, if the card is related to either the 1st or 2nd card, then all 3 have to drink (the fourth person counts), and say that one and two had a match, then they still drink double. Now continue around the circle. If a card drawn fails to be related, the ring is broken, and start again. If the ring makes it all around the circle, then the first guy gets rid of his card and becomes the counter, then is next to draw a new card. Ok, a sample round. Let’s have 6 people in the ring.

player 1 draws a 7 of clubs

player 2 draws a 9 of clubs

player 3 counts to 9 while players 1 and 2 drink (player 1 stops at 7 drinks)

player 3 draws a 7 of hearts

player 4 counts to 14, player one finishes beer before 4 is done counting, player 4 has to finish beer

player 4 draws a 10 of hearts

player 5 counts to 14

player 5 draws a 9 of diamonds

player 6 counts to 18

player 6 draws a 4 of hearts

player 1 discards his 7 of clubs (no longer in play) and counts to 18

player one draws….etc.

Enjoy this one u won’t remember it the next morning.

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  • If you want to mix up your rules a bit check out kingsdrinkingcardgame.com

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