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This game is not only a fun and simple drinking game but a learning experience as well. If you don't have your math skills honed then be wary of this game.


Sit everyone around in a circle. Choose one person to start. They start by saying the number 1. The person to their left or right (it doesn't matter) says then says 2 and so on. When someone is about to say either 7, 11, a multiple of 7 or 11, or a number containing 7, they must say Buzz. (Ex. 1,2,3,4,5,6,Buzz,8,9,10,Buzz.) As soon as someone says Buzz you switch directions. So if you were going to the right you switch to the left. If anyone messes up, everyone drinks. This is supposed to be a quick moving game so if someone thinks for a minute that counts as messing up. It's really fun and easy to learn!!

Added about 13 years ago
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