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This game is really messy so play it outside… or at your friend’s place.


* 20 cans of beer

Set up-

Pull out 6 cans of beer and place them on a table. Everyone turns their back and one player shakes up one of the cans of beer.

Game Play-

Everyone chooses one of the beers except the player who did the shaking; he/she gets the last one. Everyone places their beer firmly on top of their head and on the count of three opens. Players may not remove their beer from their head until all beers have finished exploding. The player who has their beer explode on their head is out. Everyone must finish their own beer before the next round begins.

Set the game back up with five cans and five players. Continue the process eliminating one player at a time. The last player standing wins.

A maximum of 15 minutes is allowed between rounds. If a player cannot finish their beer for any reason they must pour the remainder on their head. Puking does not disqualify you and is entirely legal.

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