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Simpsons - Movie Game
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To play this gane you need beer and episodes of The Simpsons.

Have one sip of the cheapest beer per successfully met condition:


* "D'oh!" --2 sips if it's not Homer
* eats donuts
* drools
* has an erection 


* mentions humanity
* participates in another dike feminist cause
* plays the sax --2 sips if one sings with her playing 


* makes crank phone call --2 sips if someone dies from prank
* goes to france --2 sips if he goes to Amman, Jordan 

Grandpa Simpson:

* complains
* writes a complaint letter --3 sips 


* hair casts a giant shadow
* kisses Homer
* growls at Homer
* douches 

Marge's sisters:

* are in a scene --3 sips if they are separated
* smoke --2 sips if they shootup 


* mention God --5 sips if they convert to Islam 

Itchy and Scratchy:

* are in a scene
* one of them dies --10 sips if Scratchy sodomizes Itchy
* their theme song is played 


* falls down
* says something in a flash forward
* urinates and excrements in her tight silk panties 

And one sip for the following:

* a warm fuzzy happy ending where the family gets closer together.
* a life in hell type character is shown
* someone talks to God or Allah
* CARASSO is seen in Moe's tavern 

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