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Waterfalls - Verbal Game
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This game needs a group of people, deck of cards, paper, pen, drinks for each person, extra glass and some sort of hat. (Be creative and perhaps use an empty beer case). Before the game starts, someone writes down the cards and gives each card a meaning. These can change every game, or be relatively the same all the time. Heres an example:

A - Story (one person says a word, the next person has to say that word and one of their own. The 3rd person says both of the other words and adds another. Keeps going until someone messes up. They then take a drink)

2 - Thumb Master (This person, at anytime of the game can put their thumb on something or someone. Everyone else who sees it, copies them. The last person to notice and immitate, which can take a long time, has to take a drink)

3 - Girls Drink (name explains it)

4 - Rule (The person who picks this card can make up a rule. A few of our faves are "Must use the word Consume instead of drink", "Have to call ech player by their last name", or "Whenever ___ drinks....______also has to drink". When a rule is broke, that person has to take a drink...err... rather...consume.)

5 - Wager of Death (Like truth of dare, except the person has two dares to choose from. have fun making these up)

6 - Shit Mix (For the first and third 6 drawn, every person pours a bit of their drink into the extra provided glass. For the second and fourth 6 drawn, the person who drew the card, has to drink the mix) 7 - Sevens aka Fuck You (The person who drew the card starts by saying "One" it passes to the person beside them who says "two" continuing down the line. When the number is a multiple of 7 (eg, 7, 14, 21) or has a 7 in it (eg, 17, 27) then the person has to say "Fuck you". If they forget and say the number, then they have to take a drink)

8 - Guys Drink (name explains)

9 - Take 2 Drinks

10 - Word Association (you can figure it out...lol) J - Bathroom Card (the person who draws this card, can go to the bathroom by redeeming their card. Any other player, may not go to the bathroom unless they also have a card. A person who has a card that hasn't been used, can "sell" their card to another player by making them do something for them. (eg the person has to take 5 drinks or the person can't speak for the rest of the game))

Q - Hat (The person that drew the card, has to put on the decided hat. Everytime someone drinks, that person has to drink an equal amount. So if "Guys Drink" the person has to take as many drinks as there are guys. The only way the person can get rid of the hat, is if someone else picks up the card. The person with the hat is usually the person to get wasted first!) K - Waterfall (When this is pulled, everyone drinks, starting with the first person, who continues to drink, then the second, third, fouth...etc...no one can stop drinking until the first person stops. Gets interesting when the first person is holding two drinks and goes from one continuously to another.)

So...all the cards are spread out on a table or something.
Each player takes turns at picking a card and following the rule associated with it.

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