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Nobody makes it out of the circle of death… sober.


* Approximately 4 beers per player (varies based on game play)
* Table everyone can sit
* Deck of playing cards

Set up-

Everyone one sits in a circle with their drink and one player is designated as the dealer. All players must refer to them as “dealer of death”; if someone calls them another name they must take a 5 second drink penalty.

Game Play-

Once everyone is seated with their drink the dealer deals the first card to the player on their left. The dealer then continues dealing the cards out clockwise until they run out. If at any time the card that was just dealt matches the card on either side in number or suit those cards become “active”, if a newly activated card now matches the card on either side of it in number or suit those cards also become active and so on; the players who are showing active cards must drink for a number of seconds equal to their card value (Aces count as 14 seconds, Kings 13, Queens 12 etc.). This creates a “chain” effect.

For example if player 1 has an ace of spades, player 2 has a six of spades, player 4 has a six of diamonds, player 5 has a ten of diamonds and player 6 has a jack of clubs, and then player 3 is dealt a six of clubs then all of the players except for 6 would have to drink for the number of seconds showing on their card. The logic would be the six of clubs makes player 2 and player 4’s sixes active, players 2’s six of spades matches suits with player 1’s ace of spades so it becomes active and player 4’s six of diamonds matches suits with player 5’s ten of diamonds so it becomes active.

The dealer of death is responsible for counting out the seconds, in the event the dealer is drinking the dealer must keep track by tapping the table until they finish.

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