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Jack and Fives - Card Game
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You need at least two players for this game. Each player is dealt out four cards (2x2). The top two cards are never to be looked at ever. You may look at the bottom two cards one time at the very beginning of the game, remember the cards. The rest of the cards are placed in the center of the players.

Jacks equal zero, and fives equal zero. Ace is one, queens and kings are ten. The numbered cards are worth face value.

The point is to get the lowest sum of all four of your cards. Each person takes turns picking the top card from the pile. You may trade it with one of your cards, any one. If not then start a new pile with the unwanted cards, face up. The next player can take that card from the top of that pile or a card from the original pile.

You may never look at your top row cards, so the only way to really find out what they are is to take a chance and trade for a card. When you think you have a low sum, then knock on the table. The remaining players get to finish one last draw, before the play returns back to the person knocking. The one with the lowest number wins, and everyone else must drink the difference from the winner to the number they got. For instance if the lowest hand was a four and another player got an eight then that player would drink 4.

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