Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Games can I post here?

Any kind of game you want that involves drinking, we don't care if it's got a kick to it or just a virgin. We are here to make sure all the games that involve drinking get put on one site. We hope that you will help us do that.

What Kind of Games should not be displayed?

None, We want anything and everything you got that involves drinking to be posted here.

Be Nice!

We have a large variety of games and allow anyone and everyone to post comments, so when you do we ask you to be nice.

Do I have to login or create an Account?

There are special things you can do when you create an account. Those things include, but are not limited to voting, favoring items, add and edit games, etc...

Why do I get points?

We want you coming back so therefor, we are going to give you a point system and display it for all to see. We want your help in building this site, so we will give you credit for doing so.

Can I edit other games?

Yes, but you need to login and achieve a bit of (reputation) points to be able to edit someones game that they might have spent hours working on.