Drinking for is a website dedicated to the pursuit of Alcohol. You are free to read about games, submit your own games and even earn points doing so. You have the ability to comment on games anonymously and do so without anyone else knowing it.

We built the site to help accommodate those folks who just want to relax with a beer, wine or shot of any kind. We have built this collaborative site so that anyone can up vote, anyone can down vote or even mark their favorite games.

Why Build it?

We are a team that is just starting out in the web development world and wanted to get our feet wet. We are a two partner team that has been working hard to make a site where you can socialize about alcohol. Hopefully you like it. If your still reading this, congrats!

Who are the Creators?

My name is Scott Pio and I am a C# developer out of Melbourne, FL. I blog religiously at SpoiledTechie.

My Partner in crime is James F. Don't really know if he wants to display his last name....

We hope you enjoy!!!